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Where the Idea Came From
The Travel Halo was born after lots of travelling, sore necks and sleepless flights. I have always loved to travel. But I’ve never been able to fall asleep in the car or on a plane. I’ve tried almost every travel pillow on the market with little relief. Regular c-shaped “neck pillows” just don’t work. They still allow your head to move, and neck to bend. And they're not very ergonomic. Just about everyone has tried a conventional travel/neck pillow, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who says they like them.

So, one day after riding shotgun during a long and sleepless car ride, I had the idea. I jumped out of the car, grabbed some old socks, an old tennis headband, lots of tape, and here’s what I came up with:

It was truly ugly, but it worked well! I spent the next year and a half fine tuning the design, researching materials, and finding an appropriate manufacuturer who could produce something to my standards.

The Design
I have spent the last two years testing dozens of different designs and materials with one goal in mind: create a comfortable and easy to use travel pillow that actually works.

The Travel Halo is made from a high quality polyester/spandex blend sports cloth. The material is very breathable, lightweight and soft to the touch providing maximum comfort. The Travel Halo features a stretchable band designed to fit any head-size. Two cotton pillows, secured inside the band, are positioned so that they cradle your head and prevent it from rolling to either side while you sleep.

When travelling, I often found myself trying to sleep in brightly lit environments with little success. To address this, the Travel Halo includes a fold-down eye mask to block out ambient light.

The Travel Halo is designed with portability in mind. It sports a super compact, minimalist design that folds up easily when not in use. It can then be stored in the travel pouch included with every Travel Halo.

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The Travel Halo

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Travel Halo Products

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Travel Halo products can be found at the following retailers

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Traveller World Flagship Store
Vivo City
Singapore 098585
Tel: 6376 9608

Winter Time JCube
Singapore 609731
Tel: 6684 4558

Winter Time Parkway Parade
Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269
Tel: 6348 6755

Winter Time North Point
North Point
Singapore 769098
Tel: 6851 8588

Winter Time Junction 8
Junction 8 Shopping Centre
Singapore 579837
Tel: 6694 4881

Winter Time Hougang Mall
Hougang Mall
Singapore 534785
Tel: 6281 3813

Winter Time Tampines Mall
Tampines Mall
Tel: 6789 5526

Winter Time MacPherson
Citimac Industrial Complex
Singapore 368239
Tel: 6383 1433

Adventure 21

Adventure 21
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-55
The Central
Singapore 059817
Tel: 6535 0232

Funan Digitalife Mall
109 North Bridge Road #05-40
Singapore 179097
Tel: 9725 4504

Sprint-Cass Travel Retail

Cameras * Electronics * Computers @ T1
Singapore Changi International Airport
#021-002 Terminal 1
Singapore 819642
Tel: 6214 1759

Cameras * Electronics * Computers @ T2
#026-055/056 Terminal 2
Singapore 819643
Tel: 6542 9141

Cameras * Electronics * Computers @ T3
#02-30 Terminal 3
Singapore 819663
Tel: 6241 8691


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