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Opening Wine Bottles Just Got a Whole Lot Easier
Ever tried opening a wine bottle, was not sure how to do it, and ending up making a mess? Worst still, even staining your thousand dollar carpet? Or maybe you are hosting a large banquet and need to open wine bottles quickly. Or you are simply looking for the perfect gift for a friend.

Well, then Wine-o-matic is your perfect solution. This sleek innovative product has not only been ergonomically designed for comfortable use, but it is also made of high quality stainless steel that will stand the test of time together with your precious wine. In addition, its ease of use and speed will make opening wine bottles a breeze.

The Wine-O-Matic
Trademark pending brand from the United Kingdom. The name that speaks for itself. Wine-O-Matic boasts the latest in technology (patent pending) in automatic wine bottle opening.

Please register your product at the Wine-O-Matic website within 14 days of purchasing your product.

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Wine-o-matic Instructional Youtube Video

Wine-o-matic Products

 - Wine-O-Matic UK001

 - Wine-O-Matic UK007B

 - Wine-O-Matic UK007S

 - Vacuum Wine Stopper WS01B

 - Vacuum Wine Stopper WS01S

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Coming Soon

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Wine-o-matic products can be found at the following retailers


Online Retailer


491 River Valley Road
#01-02/03 Valley Point
Singapore 248371
Tel: 6737 3540

The Wine Gallery by Magnum

The Wine Gallery at Kallang
No. 32 Kallang Place
Singapore 339160
Tel: 6294 6492

The Wine Gallery at Chang Charn
No. 2 Chang Charn Road
Singapore 159631
Tel: 6479 4506

The Wine Gallery at Boat Quay
No. 84 Circular Road
1st Floor
Singapore 049436
Tel: 6536 6437


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